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AUSA Report

I don't remember a lot of the con but i'll jot down what I do =)


So Friday I got there around 3 and hung out with Fred until Anat,Nadia,Alex and Joya got to the con. We just sat around and talked and played Text Twist together. Well when we got the phone call that they were there we went down and came back to the room so they could get ready. I changed into Kikuri and what not. We went toget our badges and wondered around for a bit. Then I wanted to change so we went back to the hotel, changed then went out to dinner XD Sofia,Joya, Nadia and me decided to go to McDonalds after dinner so we walked down there and got food and took pictures and all that fun stuff. Well after that I think Anat,Nadia,Alex and Joya had to leave so me and Sofia went to the room and hung out with Fred. Then Jacky called to ask how to get to the hotel, so Fred and me watched for him out the window untill we saw them. He then went to Whitney and Han Sol's room and we went down to say hi. They asked us to take him out to dinner so we went to McDonalds again. I bought a coffee and apple pies for Sofia and me and we sat there for awhile and just talked XD Well after that we went back to the room and sat around for a bit and talked. No one was tired at all. But we all crawled into bed and took a 'nap' from 7 to 9ish. 

Saturday We woke up when Jacky had come back to the room. I rolled out of bed and got a shower. I couldn't get ready till Nadia got there with my ribbon and what not that she and barrowed the night before. Mom stopped by to give me money she owed me, Dad and mom met Jacky, mom thought he was cute XD Then we went back to the room and hung out and played around with Jackys wig until the group got there. We'll it took us a good 2-3 hours to get ready or somethin like that since Nadia drew Jackys Zero tattoo in the wrong spot and it was to small. When we finally got ready we went down to the con to get Jacky's badge then wondered around. Sofia wanted to change so I went with her to change, we met back up with everyone at starbucks and ate and talked. Then went back to the con.We played around in the dealers room and what not. Jacky bought me a Clannad poster and a Hello Kitty bag. So i agreed to go to the masqurade with him. We sat in the stairwell and waited. I was restin my eyes when they passed out water and the guy told me not to pass out, It made me giggle a bit. Finally we got seated and watched half the masqurade, we got fed up with the walk on to show off my costume skits so we left. We went back to the room to meet Sofia's boyfriend Elliot and i changed into normal clothes. Then we decide to go out to dinner again. I was all happy go lucky till Irelized i forgot to take my pill and then i felt really sick and what not. After eatin a bit and then taking my pill i felt better. I cleaned up the room when we got back and felt really better so I watched TV untill Fred came back. Jacky came up tothe room and we hung out for a bit. Fred decided to go see if the rave had started so it was just me and Jacky. Jacky decided to give me a kiss which totally surprised me so I went into defensive mode and just pushed him away. I really wanted to go to the rave and was jumping up an down giving him puppy eyes tryingt to get him to go but he wouldn't so I walked down to the con by myself >.> I went down to see if the rave had started and the concert just started when i walked in the door-_- so I left. I felt so awkward there until Shaun found me and he walked around with me until I found Fred. I was hungry so Fred and me went to go find food. Starbucks was closed and so was Mc.Donalds so we went back to the hotel and got stuff from the lobby. We waited around untill Jacky called and he came down to join us. Then some guy came over to talk to us about punchin the window at the Hyatt. Well after he left we waited for Sofia and the goup to come back. They had to leave (accept Sofia) so they got their stuff and what not. Then stuff happened that i forgot but somehow we all got to the rave aside from Jacky. We came back and had a room rave cause the rave was boring. We sat around and what not then I walked Sofia down to the corner when we got tired and went back to the room. I curled up under the coveres and Fred and me passed out. Jacky was asleep on the couch by now I think XD 

Sunday I woke up cause Jacky got up to tell us he was going to take a shower and get ready. I rolled out of bed and got ready then packed my stuff up. We took my stuff to Freds car and then went to the con for a bit. We came back to say bye to Jacky when we decided to leave. We hung out with Sofia,Bucky and Stephanie for a bit. Sofia,Fred and me stay outside the con and talked. Whitney and Han Sol walked by and I called to them. They couldn't get into the con cause they didn't have badges so I offered for them to ride home with mom and me. They toke me up on the offer and got their stuff and we got my stuff out of the cars and waited outside the hotel for mom. I gave Fred and Sofia lots of hugs. Then we left. Mom had some seirous road rage and was yelling at the book. it was a long trip home but when we finally did get back I felt like eating so mom got me mcdonalds XD then I sat around with Hil and talked to her till i went to bed.

Overall the con was boring but I had fun with everyone so I'm glad I went =) Oh yea and I guess i'm going to Otakon XD I really want to make a new cosplay but I dunno if I will. we'll have to wait and see. I'm not gonna to a soutout list cause i'm to lazy but Love ya all ♥


So i'm here in Quantico, VA waiting to go to Anime USA in the morning. So far i'm bored as shit and there's nothing to do. Nothin special happened on the trip up aside from me winning $8 in lottery tickets. We missed our exit and had to completly rerout ourselfs with a map to get to I-95 XD The girl at the front desk asked to go to the con with me, I jsut smileld and laughed when i walked by XD So its like almost 2am and I can't sleep! I had like a 10 minute nap but somethin woke me up and i can't get back to sleep D= so I guess i'll just get up, get ready, go to the office in the morning and crash till Fred calls me XD Someone save me D=

yay =)

Finished Zero No Tsikaima Princess no Rondo finally =)

I'm excited for the fall season I plan to watch Jigoku Shoujo 3, Higurashi 3, Rosario Vampire 2 and some new ones =) i'll haveto pull up a list of them all tho XD

Mom said we might go to DC a day early =) Cause she needs a vacation so I might be at the con on Thursday

8 days till AUSA 16 till FL


So Laura talked to Bretts mom and our moms talked and I'm going to Flordia after all =) Of course she asked for me not to cancle my train ticket and I had already and I had promised to be at the con so i'll be leaving Oct 16th for FL =). I already thanked Laura yesterday after her mom stoped by and talke to Hil and me for a bit. And I had to call Nick and tell him to grow some balls and tell Laura what he's feeling cause they were fighting aparently.

So last night i got on AIM for a bit to talk to Jacky, it was fun. Kinda like a pokemon battle but his only attack is charm XD (and mine is confussion if you didn't guess XD) But Jacky is a cool guy and we're gonna have fun hanging out at the con.

Oh yea, if you didn't see it on Myspace thank Jacky cause he convinced me to cosplay. I'll bring my Yuuki Cross and my Kikuri. Yuuki for Jackys Zero and Kikuri encase I get bored. but I actully just wanna take pictures this time so I probably wont be in them long. I'm stil staying with Fred and me and him are gonna have a blast pranking eachother probably XD tho if you see me knock him over and stomp his balls you know im pissed XD I can't wait to hang out with my girlies ♥ Our last time T_T but I promise to come visit when I get my licence.

hmmm other things...... I can't think of anything but oh well. I'll be back Nov 1st from my trip to FL.

Excited anyone? you should be!

So i am going to AUSA. mom owes me $26 for pizza and renting Heros for us so I have $107 without my refund from Amtrak. I'm gonna call tomorrow if it doesn't hit my account tonight. I dont care its Sunday they should refund that ASAP. Also I never got my confermation email saying it was cancled.  Also I need to track down Kelly and get my $50 thats shes owed me for over a year now -_- She wont answer my IM's or anything so i'm just gonna have to keep an eye out for her at the con

In other news I will no longer use my AIM anymore. If you wanna talk to me, you can get ahold of me on MSN (so.sushi@hotmail.com) is my name on there.

hm I dont think I have anything to add atm. so I'll see you all at the con =)

Some ups and Downs

So I had to cancle my trip to Flordia )= i cried a bit in the morning when i was told cause I really wanted to go! but I called and cancled my train ticket and moped around all day. So instead I might be going to AUSA after all. I wont cosplay tho. if i do go this will be my last con. I'm just waiting till i get my refund before i know for sure. So i'll tell you guys in the next few days....

I'm going with Tiffany and the group to see Egeal Eye tomorrow. So hopefully i'll have fun

OMG I dunno if its alergies or a cold but im getting sick D= I do not liek it....


Hey everyone, this is theairalchemist. I know i said it would be awhile till I started a new blog but.. i'll forget in awhile and I still wanna keep up with everyone so! I'm starting this blog =3

Um updates while i'm at it =3

I leave for Flordia on October 3rd and i'l lbe back October 19th. I'm going down to visit Brett,Nick and Laura. mainly Brett tho. i'll be takign the 91 Silver Star Amtrak train there =3 So if anyone has riden Amtrak before tell me what you think about it cause I'm like worried about it not staying on time and me having to stay up all night. I'm sopsoed to leave around 10pm and get there at 6:30am.

Hilaree and me decided to make a joint youtube account and make video blogs durring the trips we take.

I miss everyone ,,,,,,,,,,,,,♥♥♥♥♥



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